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Correspondence Dec 19 2014

Dear Clifford Carnicom


In May, I sent you the mail below, asking for comments, before I used those paragraphs, not only on my website, but also in a report to the Danish parliament. I quickly received the response from you, though not personally, that you could not comment on my understanding of pages on your website.

That makes it even more annoying and disappointing to be told by fellow Masters of Science here in Denmark that the information on your page CONTRAIL DISTANCE FORMATION MODEL is false and deficient.

Those claiming that, referred me to a thick book called “Atmospheric Physics: Background – Methods – Trends”, written by Prof.Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Schumann at the German Aerospace Center. As far as I can tell, that book presents a much more thorough understanding of contrail formation. Here is a quote from the book, page 245:

” For threshold conditions, contrails become visible about one wing span behind the engines. For lower temperature, contrails can be seen forming already a few meters behind the engine. “

So I think your page – CONTRAIL DISTANCE FORMATION MODEL – is undermining your AND my credibility, unless you revise it, better sooner than later, and in the new version you refer to that book or other similarly credible and complex sources AND endorse OR refute/invalidate them.

I am looking forward to hear from you, because I think this is an important issue, for both of us.

Both of the following links should show you the above quote inside the book, but they don’t always work – try reloading the page:


 Correspondence Signed

Dear Clifford E. Carnicom

I am writing a comprehensive text on chemtrails, electromagnetic manipulation of the atmosphere etc. My intention is to send it to the Danish parliament as an open letter, and at the same time put it on my website.

In short, my text starts with some photos and 2 videos which clearly shows aircrafts spraying something. Then my text goes on as a list of whistle blowers and other sources on chemtrails, among them anonymous sources such as the mechanic, the manager and the high ranking military man on your site, summarizing the message of each source. Together they form a clear and comprehensive picture of the chemtrails-crime.

I also have a chapter called “Chemtrails vs. contrails”. Below is an English translation of that section. I am asking you to read it and give me any kind of comments – corrections, additions etc., for the chapter to be as clear and correct as possible. Thank you very much:


      1. Chemtrails vs. contrails

One of the ways the secret organization has been trying to hide and conceal their plan is, of course, by claiming that chemtrails are just contrails (condensation trails or vapor trails) from the jet engines on regular airplanes.
As we know, contrails consist primarily of ice crystals and they normally melt and become invisible in 1-2 minutes because of the sunrays, and often it only takes 5-10 seconds.
A “contrail” that lingers and begins to spread is either a ‘chemtrail’, ie. particles or aerosols that have been deliberately sprayed into the air through nozzles on the plane or it is a contrail that has started a cloud formation, which requires some specific conditions of temperature, humidity, etc., and the presence of cloud condensation nuclei (CCN) or cloud seeds, ie. small particles which water vapor can condense on. See also
CONTRAIL FORMATION MODEL and “Chemtrails” – Spreading Trail Identification System, from which the following quotation is taken:

” As laid out below the “Spreading Trail Identification System” may seem complicated but it is only four sources of data and when used together as – Observations + Aircraft Tracking + Upper Air Sounding Data + Aviation Weather Icing Data, they add up to empirical evidence which proves what many of us already know to be fact: that aerosol spraying and ‘Anomalous Spreading Trails’ from the spraying are a reality. “

It is worth noting that the Chemtrail organization apparently often seek to prevent that the sprayed particles result in cloud formation, as they often spray just when there is a combination of low humidity and a low number of negative ions in the air, which makes it easier to confirm that it is chemtrails. See Clifford E. Carnicoms study IONS AND HUMIDITY .

Another way to differentiate chemtrails from contrails is the distance from the plane / wing / jet engine to where the trail becomes visible. Exhaust air from the jet engines is hot, so it takes a while before the water is frozen into ice particles, whereas chemicals sprayed from nozzles can become visible at a shorter distance from the nozzles, which often are situated in the wings just above the engines, specifically to create the illusion that it’s just a contrail. See Clifford E. Carnicoms CONTRAIL DISTANCE FORMATION MODEL

 Correspondence Signed