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Cross Domain Bacteria (CDB) : The Destruction of Blood

Clifford E Carnicom
Oct 27 2023


Another highlight of the many states of work in progress deserves presentation.  The Cross Domain Bacteria (CDB) (Synthetic Biology), as claimed repeatedly by Carnicom Institute (CI),  is the primary agent responsible for the change in human blood condition.  This is now demonstrated in an incontrovertible way.

Destruction of Human Blood Cells by the Cross Domain Bacteria (CDB)(Synthetic Biology)
Culture Based Research
Original Magnification 3200x.

The claim is confirmed irrespective of the additional ravages of the “Covid Era” that are now upon us; these have exacerbated, extended, and amplified previously existing conditions that have been ignored to our long term detriment.

A few preparatory references are helpful to set the stage.


The existence of a binary or synergistic system should not be discounted.  Evidence for an attractive force within the CDB in the blood post Covid Era does now exist, please see, The Source of Blood Coagulation: Cross Domain Bacteria (CDB) (Aug 2023) .  Please also note the prospects for this that were noted in prior electromagnetic blood studies, especially within a latter paper of the series, Blood Alterations V : Sources of Current (Oct 2022) where it was mentioned:


“Is the current agenda and regime of “vaccinations” delivered under duress to the global population altering the electromagnetic nature of the human being? There is good cause and reason to think that it is….

…I would propose that such electromagnetic and electrochemical change has likely occurred, and that the results of this change will connect directly to the disclosures within this report series.
If the “vaccine” regime does alter the human electromagnetics, I expect that the injections will only compound the unfolding health tsunami We can expect that added symptoms will further corroborate the history of Carnicom Institute research. This appears to be exactly the case.”


The claim of specific blood damage by the CDB, in a fashion similar to that of synthetic blood appearance (please see Cross-Domain Bacteria (CDB) Protein : The Fallout Emerges – Crystal Biology, Synthetic Blood & Clotting, and Polymer Formation (Sep 2023) , was also made in a substantial way many years ago.  The paper titled, A Mechanism of Blood Damage (Dec 2009), will suffice to that end.


This background now brings us to a current state of research at CI.

What differs in this case from the research paper of 2009  is that the damage to human blood can now take place in a controlled environment. The importance of this advance over previous work is that:

1. The situation can now be produced at will in a controlled fashion.

2. There exists no legitimate excuse or diversion to avoid the focus and understanding of exactly HOW the blood is damaged or destroyed, and consequently WHAT damage is being done to the blood, biologically or otherwise.

3. The answers to the questions posed above may help you with the questions of  “WHO” and WHY.  WHERE is across the planet.  WHEN  is for a minimum of the past 25+ years.


Transformation and Destruction of Human Blood Cells by the Cross Domain Bacteria(CDB)
(Synthetic Biology)
Culture Based Research
Original Magnification 3200x.

The method to produce the results above is relatively simple in principle, but somewhat complex in the details required.  The CDB are under culture control at this point.  There are numerous manifestations that can be produced (see Cross-Domain Bacteria (CDB) Protein : The Fallout Emerges ) but a representative culture is used for this particular work.

Human blood cells are then introduced into the culture with a lapse of time (~48 hrs) to observe the effects.  The results speak for themselves.  The human blood cells become the target of the CDB, the cell membranes are surrounded on the perimeter, the CDB invade and occupy the cell interior, and the cells are ultimately damaged or destroyed.  Loss of oxygen carrying capacity (i.e., life force), nutrient distribution, and toxin removal are obvious and the immediate consequences are shown by this research.  The coagulation and clotting (i.e., visibly lethal) from the CDB have been amply demonstrated (please see papers mentioned within).

It is worthwhile and necessary to know and show the condition of the human blood before it was introduced into this culture.  It is shown below:


Human Blood Prior to Introduction into CDB Culture
Original Magnification 3200x


Research is active to seek and establish a level of normalcy in blood appearance.  There is a measure of success that has been achieved and the photograph above serves as a reference to the state of affairs.  Notice that the cells in the majority are free standing (i.e., coagulation and rouleaux reduced or eliminated) and of general uniform geometry.  The existence of the CDB in smaller numbers is present, but damage to and penetration of the cells is reduced or absent.  Work of this nature will be discussed as further definition takes place and conditions are appropriate.

The damage to the blood results from the existence of the CDB, i.e., synthetic biology, as reported extensively on this site.

Clifford E Carnicom
Oct 27 2023

Born Clifford Bruce Stewart
Jan 19 1953


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