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Volunteering and Projects

Carnicom Institute’s interest in volunteers is currently focused on individuals with professional skill sets.

The volunteers for Carnicom Institute shall::

  • serve the Mission and the purpose of Carnicom Institute with dedication and commitment
  • have tangible and practical professional skills and services that are in demand by the Institute
  • be a self-starter, self-initiated, self-motivated, self-directed, good at project management and problem solving
  • have a good track record of project delivery
  • have the ability to translate high-level information into specific accomplishments
  • be well educated and exhibit a continued desire to learn
  • be polite and respectful, able to maintain professional courtesy under all circumstances
  • have strong integrity and courage to uphold the ethics of their profession
  • be punctual and have respect for the time of their colleagues
  • be well-versed in the material that has been made available in CI’s Research Library
  • be willing to make long-term commitments in the name of public service with no material compensation
  • be assigned to specific project(s) as defined by Institute needs
  • be subject to a probationary period confined to a particular project under staff oversight
  • NOT join with primary motives being that of activism, protests, or personal agendas
  • represent faithfully the mission, reputation, ideals, and values of the Institute in all public relations


Potential volunteers are invited to submit a personal statement describing in a narrative their willingness and desire to meet these criteria to serve Carnicom Institute.  The application may optionally include a resume, a statement of professional skills or standing. The candidate may also list specific project areas of interest. Any submissions will be kept on file for future consideration.

If this sounds interesting to you, then please Contact Us.  Thank you.