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Project Report No. 1

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20 September 2000




1) Determine nature of persistent aerosol chemical trails emitted by subsonic
2) Determine nature of and investigate phenomena associated with the atmospheric
aerosol trails and resulting cloud cover.
3) Summarize overview observations of government and individual agency
involvement in clandestine military and civilian operations and projects within the
borders of the United States for dissemination to interested parties.


Researchers assigned to this project have diverse backgrounds and are trained in
and associated with a variety of disciplines including electronics, communications
and environmental engineering, general medicine, biomedical research, chemistry,
government/political, NSA/CIA, and military theory and technology. A team of
organized and dedicated professionals has devoted thousands of hours to this
project over the past year, and read hundreds of scientific, government and military
documents found in the public domain. Individual researchers have conducted
in-depth investigation by other means, including
direct observation and inquiry.


Aerosols – Polymer Fibers:

It appears that aerosol chemical trails are being deliberately discharged into the
atmosphere from military and civilian registered aircraft over the continental United
States, Canada and Mexico. It appears that selected commercial airliners have been
modified and equipped with specialized aerosol dispersion devices. Aircraft emission
of aerosol chemical trails is being consistently reported in several other countries

Aerosol chemicals deliberately emitted from subsonic aircraft are currently
understood to be a base barium salt mixture.

Several types of experimental polymer fibers are repeatedly being found in various
locations subsequent to observed incidence of aerosol discharge by subsonic
aircraft. Research and development of electro-active polymer fibers is identified and
described in Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, DARPA, documents.
Other polymer fiber types are mentioned in other government and military

It is believed that the combination of a barium salt mixture and polymer fibers in the
atmosphere may be the chemical and physical irritant that is responsible for the
recent nationwide epidemic increase in cases of
asthma, allergies and upper respiratory symptoms including pneumonia.

Based on the study of various military and scientific documents, the polymer fibers
would appear to have several applications in conjunction with the barium salt

a) Aircraft cloaking when irradiated.
b) Advanced Radar Applications.
c) Biological applications – delivery, decontamination and detection.
d) Communications applications.
e) Military weather modification.
f) Other applications, including the VTRPE computer propagation and similar

Military Projects and Experiments:

Insight is required to categorize the many layers of military projects and
experiments currently in progress for they are numerous. An overwhelming array of
ongoing military research and development – and defense related activity – is
layered from ground level into space, according to unclassified documents studied
and discussed. Space Warfare Battle Plans and space weapons have been
developed and include advanced laser and refinement of Nikola Tesla’s scalar
[directed energy] weapons technology.

Weather Modification and Associated Programs:

Inventor and scientist Nikola Tesla’s concepts of “directed energy” have been
developed, refined and applied. High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project
[HAARP] ionospheric “heaters” are positioned around the world [Alaska, Ukraine,
Norway, Russia, Puerto Rico, etc.] and are used to “heat” and modify the
ionosphere. The United Nations organization has knowledge of, and sanctions, the
HAARP project. This is a military project.

Example: URSI, Commission G –
Scientists worldwide are involved in different aspects of environmental research
projects and experiments. Universities worldwide, including the University of
Massachusetts/Lowell, the University of Colorado, the
University of California/Davis and the University of Texas/Arlington, just to name a
few, are deeply involved in data collection and technology development.

One of government’s primary military objectives is to control rain, drought, storms,
tornadoes, hurricanes, and weather patterns generally. Precipitation suppression
and enhancement strategies are being refined specifically for implementation in the
conduct of future warfare. This activity is in direct violation of U.N. treaties.

Armies will no longer be needed; new computerized virtual warfare technology has
been developed, refined and applied.

Areas of ongoing R&D:

* Optics-based Network Communications systems above the earth.
* Optical Switching Systems.
* Scalar [“directed energy”] Missile Defense System above the earth. Ground based
missile defense against incoming missile system is no longer a viable consideration.
Proposed missile defense system is a Tesla
scalar system above the earth and, again, in violation of U.N. Treaty.
* Military Weather Modification.
* Virtual Warfare Systems.
* Biological Warfare – aggressive.
* Biological decontamination techniques.
* Systems apparatus for potential chemical and electrical influence of human
* Electrical power transfer.

Nuclear Waste disposal in space:

Preliminary evidence indicates that there is an ongoing project which involves the
breaking down of radioactive waste using plasma processing techniques. It is
believed that the “benign” components of this separation process are being
disposed of in the upper regions of the atmosphere.

Ozone Layer [tropospheric and stratospheric}:

There is great concern among the scientific community that the ozone layer has
been seriously damaged. We believe the reason for the damage has not yet been
mentioned or addressed. Ongoing study of this problem by individual researchers is
eliciting concrete evidence that, at the very least, the atmospheric chemistry and
circulation of the earth’s atmosphere have been disrupted. There is a growing body
evidence to justify concern that the problems with our atmospheric chemistry will
extend well into the 21st century.


The investigative study group individually and collectively is negatively impressed by
the deceitful and disingenuous nature of those parties involved in the projects and
experiments. Never in the history of civilization on the earth has there been such a
complex, overwhelming array of secretive and potentially destructive experiments
ongoing, the logistics of which are cloaked in deliberate lies to the citizens they
ultimately affect.

We have outlined the general areas of science, military and government activity in
this, our Report #1. This preliminary report is intended to focus your attention on
and encourage your investigation into these areas
which we feel will ultimately affect your life and the lives of your children. We have
approached this investigation seriously and reported our findings honestly, to the
best of our abilities.

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